Glister - 6-Piece Hair Accessories Set - Pink


    Time to let the accessories do the work for you, babe. Introducing our Styling Tool Bundles!

    With our Wide Tooth Comb, No-Mark Clip Set, and Eco Paddle Brush you will be ready to strut that GLISTER BABE hair.

    Wide Tooth Comb:

    This time the GLISTER crew has gone the extra mile to bring you this new colorful and glittery detangling little friend, specially designed for all hair types because all GLISTER babes need some hair-care days to keep rocking those unique hairstyles.

    Use it while conditioning your hair in the shower or applying a deep conditioner on your self-care days. With its compact size, this wide tooth comb is portable, cute, and ready to detangle your beautiful locks.

    No-Mark Clip Set:

    Hello beautiful! We know you have been creative with your hairstyling and busy blessing the universe with your iconic looks. That is why we went a little extra (like always) to make your heat or no-heat styling process less messy with our new glittery, no-marks sectioning hair clips to secure big or small sections of your hair while drying or styling.

    And since we know you love to look cute, even when glamming up, we made them *colorful and glittery*just like your energy, babe.

    Eco Paddle Brush:

    Glister babes deserve the best! What does that mean? For starters, detangling your hair should never be a painful experience. That’s why we designed this soothing brush that’s like no other. It detangles all hair types while giving your scalp a stimulating massage that defines self-care.

    Wet or dry? It’s up to you, gorgeous. We love using it when our hair is saturated with conditioner, for the most luxe shower ever, but you do you! You can also use it to turn tight curls into flowing waves, and it will even work on your fave set of extensions. Made with a comfy, sustainable coconut husk handle and ball-tipped bristles, it is the hairbrush dreams are made of.