Give Them Lala Beauty - Soaked Lip Quencher


    My Lip Quencher looks like a clear/slight orange lipgloss but applies like a buttery lip oil. Wear over your favorite Give Them Lala cushion cream or hydro matte lipsticks, or you can rock the natural, glassy look and wear it alone. 

    Our formula is amazing and helps moisturize and relieve dryness. I wear it everyday over my lipsticks, and even apply it before bedtime to wake up with buttery soft lips. Definitely an absolute necessity in my makeup collection for so many reasons.

    Net Weight: 3.2 g/0.1 oz

    Apply the lip quencher to instantly hydrate the lips for a moisturized, nourished lip look. Can be worn on its own for a glossy look, over your favorite Give Them Lala lipstick, or applied anytime throughout the day/night for a hydrating pick-me-up.

    Product Type: Lip Gloss