G.M. COLLIN - Phytowhite Dark Spot Serum

G.M. COLLIN - Phytowhite Dark Spot Serum


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    This spot-application treatment uniformizes skin tone while correcting the appearance of dark spots with a special triple-action formula that lightens, exfoliates, and protects the skin from the visible signs of aging. With a potent cocktail of natural antioxidants, botanical extracts, and natural amino acids, it is proven to be as effective as 4% hydroquinone.

    Hydroquinone-free - No risk of irritation and gave results as good as Hydroquinone 4%

    Contains THC, Emblica, Achromaxyl and Niacinamide - helps correct and prevent pigmentation irregularities to even out the complexion. Natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents protect the skin against UV damage. Lightens skin pigmentation and boosts skin luminosity

    Effectlively decreases Melanin and Lipofuscins formation; the two types of pigment present in age spots

    Prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation

    Corrects existing dark spots and stops the formation of dark spots

    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    Refines pores, improves skin texture and evens out skin tone

    Key Ingredients

    TETRAHYDROCURCUMIN (THC) (curcumin) ? Offers effective and functional topical antioxidant protection. Inhibits tyrosinase: superior to kojic acid. Protects against UVB-induced inflammation and the resultant damage to the skin (anti-aging prevention).

    LICORICE EXTRACT (GLABRIDIN) ? Reduces melanin pigmentation by inhibiting specific enzymes (tyrosinase). Synergistic action with THC.

    BRASSICA NAPUS EXTRACT (AchromaxylTM) ? Inhibits tyrosinase activity, thus reducing formation of melanin. Decreases color and size of age spots.

    EMBLICA ? Offers three lines of defense: 1) Eliminates ROS and chelating activity through a broad-spectrum & cascading antioxidant activity; 2) Inhibits MMPs: brightens the skin by addressing the cross-linking of proteins in the epidermis responsible for dull appearance; 3) Acts as a skin lightener.

    L-ERGOTHIONEINE (EGT) ? Powerful antioxidant: Study Proves EGT Is More Powerful Than Idebenone. Protects mitochondria (DNA damage) and acts as a metabolic energy enhancer. Inhibits Elastase, Recycles Vitamin C. Age-defying ingredient. Neutralizes ozone : more effective than Vitamin C. Skin lightening agent.

    POTASSIUM ASCORBYL TOCOPHERYL PHOSPHATE ? A novel structure of Vitamin C grafted on Vitamin E for a powerful anti-stress & anti-aging efficiency.

    NIACINAMIDE ? Important component of co-factors NAD / NADP (precursor to energy co-factors). Most important coenzyme involved in more than 200 enzymatic reactions. Strengthens skin's barrier. Enhances the suppleness of the skin by supporting differentiation and maintenance of a fully functioning stratum corneum. Inhibits melanosome transfer.

    1-METHYLHYDANTOINE-2 IMIDE (Tego Cosmo C 250TM) ? Natural skin identical with proven efficacy on skin brightening. Inhibits melanosome transfer.

    POTASSIUM AZELOYL DIGLYCINATE ? Improved form of AZELAIC ACID with better skin tolerance (NON-IRRITATING). Lightens age spots and the skin. Normalizes sebum. Moisturizes and improves skin elasticity.

    GLYCOLIC / ARGININE COMPLEX, (AHC) ? All the benefits of AHAs with significantly reduced sting and irritation. Allows the slow release of Glycolic acid from the complex into the skin. Works on upper (epidermis) skin layers. An exfoliating action that lightens the skin and age spots. Reveals softer, smoother skin. Minimizes the appearance of aging, and aids in skin cell renewal.

    ALLANTOIN ? Soothes, heals, and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue. Favours skin natural defence and repair mechanisms.

    Net Weight: 20 ml/0.68 oz.

    After cleansing and toning skin apply locally on dark spots only. Do not massage. Allow for complete absorption. Follow with GM Collin Phytowhite Cream and a sunscreen for best results.

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    • Phytowhite Dark Spot Serum
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By Elizabeth L.
Beulah, MS
. G.M. COLLIN - Phytowhite Dark Spot Serum
August 29, 2014
The idea behind buying this product was to see if truly helped with dark spots. I started noticing dark spots on my face and neck and needed to know if there was anything that would take care of it. I am skeptical about many products but decided to give this try; a friend of mine said she had seen amazing progress with the product. I have been using the product for a few weeks now and I have seen some great results.
ProsPros: Product does help with dark spots
ConsCons: very small bottle for the price