Foxybae - Marble Mini Travel Dryer


    Travel in style without the fear of lighting your hair on fire with one of those half broken, connected to the wall, raggedy hotel blow dryers! Our travel size dryer is tiny but mighty AF! Not only is it compact but it packs a punch with 3 different speeds and extra sass. Spend more time looking like Beyonce at The Louvre and less like Jay Z after Lemonade dropped.

    Features for Dryer

    Healthier Hair:

    Tourmaline Technology produces negative ions that combine with infrared properties, delivering silkier, shinier locks.

    Faster Styling:

    Speed control means faster styling, less damage and longer-lasting blow outs.

    Smooth Finish:

    Negative Ion properties seals the cuticle, smoothing the hair’s surface for major bounce and shine.