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    There is a high risk of contamination of blood vessels during the life

    If you have never cleaned them and have been more than 40 years old, your blood vessels are clogged. It will soon affect your health if it is not already affected. Consequences of vascular pollution

    As already mentioned, the whole organism suffers from vascular contamination. The organs and systems that are directly related to the blood circulation are affected, i.e. the whole cardio-vascular system is affected. Vascular pollution causes diseases such as:

    • Aterosclerotic vascular disease - blood vessels cease to function at all, small blood vessels completely block and large blood vessels show large cholesterol stores.
    • Ischemic heart disease - occurs due to regular blood deficiency in coronary arteries, which in turn develops against the background of vascular contamination.
    • Stroke - With the persistent disruption of blood supply to brain tissue, the death of nerve endings begins, leading to the loss of some functions.
    • Hypertension, high blood pressure - with narrowing of the blood vessel diameter, blood pressure increases due to contamination.
    • Varicose veins - occur not only on the legs (which often bothers women), but also inside the body, for example, as hemorrhoid.
    • Venous and arterial thrombosis - long-term contamination can cause a blood clot in the blood vessels, leading to complete blood vessel death, which in turn can lead to the death of individual cells in a particular organ. If the blood clot is released and enters the bloodstream, it can lead to the blockage of the blood vessels in the heart - and this is a heart attack that in 70 % of cases results in death.

    Neurodegenerative diseases

    Recent research, however, shows that fragile blood vessels and their rupture and micro-hematoms are a possible cause of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, when the body is still able to replace these changes after 40 years but gradually decreases its capacity for these replacements and the system begins to collapse without the possibility of return.

    Symptoms of contaminated blood vessels

    Are there any symptoms that make it possible to understand that the blood vessels are contaminated?

    Yes, of course. The main symptoms include:

    • Migraines
    • Memory corruption
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Insomnia
    • Problems in the intimate sphere
    • Visual and hearing impairment
    • High blood pressure
    • Shortness of breath and angina pectoris
    • Pale foot skin
    • Muscle and joint pain

    HEARTTOOL may help you to clean blood vessels, normalize blood preasure and heart rate and thus to prevent or treat Atherosclerotic vascular disease, Ischemic heart disease, Stroke, Varicose veins, Venous and arterial thrombosis.

    Net Weight: 30 Capsules

    Crataegus (hawthorn), Filipendulaulmaria, Trifoliumpratense, Auriculariaauricula-Judae (Judas Ear), Aliumursin L (Bear Garlic), Rosa Canina, Pipernigrum (black Pepper)Active Ingredients: Elderberry, Alliumursin L, Rosa Canina, Amino Acid, Antioxidant, Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum), Hawthorn (Crataegus), Meadowsweet (Filipendula Ulmaria), Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)
    2 morning and 2 noon always direct after a meal.

    Our recommended HEART TOOL daily allowance is as follows by age group:

    30 - 55 years once a year 1-month dose for prevention and cleaning;

    55+ years starting 2-months treatment and after half a year 1-month dose or you can choose a continuous 10 days treatment each month.

    In the case of already diagnosed civilisation diseases, we recommend starting with a 2-months dose.

    Product Type: Supplements
    Ingredients: Amino AcidsAntioxidant