Fawn Lashes - Morning Glory


    Like the beautiful sunrise, these lashes have the perfect V-shaped flares that extend in length from the center of the lash to the outer corner like rays of sunshine. From each side that you look, it will be showing amazing lashes, perfect for big nights and events where your eyes will catch all the attention! These exquisite lashes create the perfect amount of volume and texture for a dazzling winged-eye look. Get glamourous and shine brightly in Morning Glory!

    Suggested eye shapes: Deep-set Eyes, Almond Eyes, Round Eyes, Close-set Eyes, Downturned Eyes

    3D SILK

    Fawn Lashes 3D Silk collection have a higher density giving them a more dramatic look. This luxurious collection is super soft, fluffy and lightweight. What are you waiting for?! Go ahead and lash out!

    • Moderate light volume
    • Moderate length
    • Flexible cotton band
    • Cruelty free - Vegan

    High-quality material that can be worn up to 20 times or more with care.