Fawn Lashes - Faery


    Bat your lashes in this premium playful pair! Our most voluminous set, featuring soft fibers and a flexible band, makes it our favourite dramatic pair! Full, plump and fluffy, these lashes are perfect for events where you really want your eyes to stand out. They are denser at the roots giving your lash line the oomph while it tapers off at the tips, thus, creating a sultry look without overpowering your eyes. Go ahead and set your inner Faery free, these exuberant lashes are simply beyond our imagination!

    Suggested eye shapes: Deep- Set Eyes, Wide-set eyes, Protruding Eyes

    3D SILK

    Fawn Lashes 3D Silk collection have a higher density giving them a more dramatic look. This luxurious collection is super soft, fluffy and lightweight. What are you waiting for?! Go ahead and lash out!

    • Moderate light volume
    • Moderate length
    • Flexible cotton band
    • Cruelty free - Vegan

    High-quality material that can be worn up to 20 times or more with care.