Fawn Lashes - Allure


    These multi-layered lightweight lashes are truly enticing! The Allure lashes are perfect for those who are looking to fill in spaces and get more density to glam up without losing the natural look. Its consistency of medium and long length lashes form a uniform fan with tapered tips that curve upwards to brighten and open up the eyes. It is handmade with ultra-thin fibers that makes you almost forget that you are wearing lashes. Hold a powerful gaze with these beauties!

    Suggested eye shapes: Round Eyes, Deep-Set Eyes, Almond Eyes, Wide-Set Eyes


    Fawn Lashes 3D Faux Mink collection has a lighter density that gives a more natural look while still maintaining volume and the three-dimensional feeling. They are lightweight and fitted with the comfortable cotton band, also stackable if you love the style and crave for some extra volume!

    • Moderate light volume
    • Moderate length
    • Flexible cotton band
    • 100% cruelty-free synthetic hair

    High-quality material that can be worn up to 20 times or more with care.