eShave - Pre Shave Oil Almond

eShave - Pre Shave Oil Almond


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    For dry to normal skin.

    Added vitamins A and E deliver antioxidants

    eShave Pre Shaving Oil is your first step to efficiently prepare your face for shaving. eShave Pre Shave Oil will protect your skin. Coat and soften your hair. Relieve shaving irritation. Eliminate dryness.

    Shaving Oil reduces irritation caused by razor burn. Prevents your razor from clogging and allows the razor to glide across your face.

    Net Weight: 2 oz./60 g

    Peanut Oil, Sweet Alond Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Grapseed Oil, Benzaldehyde, Propylparaben, Vitamin E, Vitamin A.
    Apply 2 drops of Pre Shave Oil on face and neck Massage gently with your hands to protect the skin before shaving. eShave Pre Shave Oil can be used after waxing to calm redness, inflammation and skin irritation. Apply eShave Pre Shave Oil with the hand you do not shave with. This will prevent the razor from slipping out of your hand while you shave.

    • product title:
    • Pre Shave Oil Almond
    • product-type:
    • Preshave Treatments
    • concern:
    • Razor Burn & Ingrown Hair
    • gender:
    • Men


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