Elementa Silver - Nanosilver Tooth Gel (2 Pack)


    Our Dentist Formulated tooth gels utilize cutting edge Nano Silver technology to bust through your plaque barrier, neutralize oral acid, and deliver needed calcium and Xylitol directly to your teeth. These patent-pending Nano Silver particles also target bacteria that emit sulfur gas and cause bad breath. Xylitol promotes salivary flow to help relieve dry mouth symptoms. All this without harmful and unnatural ingredients.

    Net Weight: 4 oz.

    Nanosilver, Xylitol, Calcium, Natural Flavoring, Water
    For best results, use 3 times every day after meals.

    For children 12 years and below, use only a pea-sized amount for brushing.

    • Apply tooth gel on the toothbrush. It is recommended to use only a pea-sized amount for children.
    • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush if you have sensitive gums to avoid bleeding and use a medium bristled toothbrush if your dentist recommends you to.
    • Brush teeth in a circular motion and work your way through your entire mouth.
    • Spit out the foam and rinse well.