Elementa Silver - Full Oral Care Routine


    With the prevalence of acidic and carb-rich foods in our modern diets, we have a greater need now, more than ever, to institute a full acid-neutralizing regimen to keep our mouths safe.

    Our dentist curated bundles provide the most cutting edge treatment available for a full day routine and best possible results.

    Our teeth need help. Every day they are under a constant barrage of acid that’s released by a resilient group of bacteria that form a film over the entire surface of your teeth (this is called the biofilm AKA plaque). This plaque barrier keeps the acid in while keeping, desperately needed, calcium out.

    What’s worse is that traditional products cannot penetrate this barrier, they merely burn your mouth and surface-level bacteria. It’s no wonder why 92% of Americans suffer from some form of tooth decay despite the huge array of oral care products on the market.

    Here’s what makes our dentist-formulated Full Routine Bundle unique:

    • Utilizes cutting edge Nano Silver technology to bust through your plaque barrier, neutralize oral acid, and deliver needed calcium and Xylitol directly to your teeth.
    • Patent pending Nano Silver particles that also target bacteria that emit sulfur gas and cause bad breath
    • Xylitol to improve salivary flow and relieve dry mouth symptoms
    • All this without the strong, scorching feeling that one experiences when using competitor brands.

    Good dental hygiene is a lifelong commitment, it takes dedication and paying attention to your everyday habits. It’s important to take what strides you can to take care of your mouth and prevent problems such as bad breath, cavities, tooth decay and gum disease, which may lead to serious problems for your health later on, such as increased risk of heart disease and further complications when dealing with diabetes and oral cancer. This requires getting the right products and adherence to the continuation of your oral care.

    Here is a full routine bundle that will help you with protecting your mouth. You get:

    • 1 Rinse (20 oz)
    • 1 Tooth Gels (4 oz)
    • 1 Refill Pack (40 oz)
    • 1 Dental Mints
    • 1 Lip Balm
    • 1 Travel Size Rinse (3 oz)

    With this bundle, be able to go about your day without having to worry about bad breath, bad teeth or bad lips. And without that worry, be confident in being able to laugh and smile with friends, family, and associates for a more relaxed and happier day to day life.

    Nanosilver, Xylitol, Calcium, Natural Flavoring, Water
    Use Daily
    Product Type: Oral Care
    Skin Types: DryNormalOilyCombination
    Preferences: Vegan-FriendlyNatural