ECO. Modern Essentials - Rose Facial Mist 95 ml

ECO. Modern Essentials - Rose Facial Mist 95 ml

No Longer Available


    This Rose Facial Mist by ECO. Modern Essentials is a must-have if you always feel the need to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. This blend of facial spritzer is a hydrating formula that may be used on either your face or body to keep it hydrated and refreshed. It is safe to use everyday, whenever needed. It effectively moisturizes the skin and harmonizes the mind, and is always ready to rehydrate the skin when on-the-go and during travelling. It is infused with rose that soothes and harmonizes your mind and body, ready to keep you calm and collected for a great day ahead.

    • A facial mist that hydrates and refreshes the skin.
    • Infused with rose that is known for its harmonizing and soothing effects for the mind and body.
    • Safe for daily use to increase your skin's radiance and hydration.
    • Comes in a travel-friendly size for easy rehydration of the skin even when on-the-go.
    • May be used on the face and body when in need of a soothing and refreshing boost.

    Net Weight: 95 ml / 3.21 oz.

    Water, Rosa Damascena.Miller, Euxyl, Potassium Sorbate.

    Hold bottle approximately 30 cm away. Spray over face (with eyes closed) or body at any time when skin needs soothing, hydrating & refreshing or to help calm and harmonise the mind. May be used before or after moisturising or through the day for skin radiance.