ECO. Modern Essentials - May Chang 10 ml


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    Known for its uplifting qualities and wonderful health benefits, many have turned to this May Chang essential oil blend by ECO. Modern Essentials. It has a pleasant fresh and sweet citrus fruity scent that help the skin, mind, body and emotions. It is a great treatment for oily and acne-prone skin thanks to its astringent and tonic effect it has on the skin. It acts as a tonic of our heart and respiratory system, helping those who experience asthma and bronchitis. It is an excellent formula to help uplift and stimulate your mind and emotions, to get you in the best mood possible.

    • An essential oil blend that provides uplifting properties to your skin, mind, body and emotions.
    • With a fresh, sweet and citrus fruity fragrance.
    • Help oily and acne prone skin with its astringent properties.
    • The formula is known to be a tonic of the heart and respiratory system, as it helps with bronchitis and asthma conditions.
    • Formula works to uplift and stimulate the mind.

    Net Weight: 10 ml / 0.33 oz.

    Litsea Cubeba (may Chang) Oil.

    Vaporiser: Add 6-8 drops of essential oil to your electric or tealight vaporiser. For tealight vaporisers, add 3/4 water to the top dish before adding your essential oils. Massage: Add 6 drops of essential oil into 12ml of carrier oil.