ECO. Modern Essentials - Lemongrass 10 ml


    Essential oils have been doing wonders since we can remember, this ECO. Modern Essentials Lemongrass 10 ml is no different. This pungent lemony herbaceous essential oil benefits our mind, body and skin in the best ways possible. It helps minimize pore appearance and will work great on your oily, acne skin conditions, but use with caution on sensitive skin. While for the body it helps with poor circulation, while helping recovery with sore throat, fever, laryngitis and the spread of other infectious disease. This essential oil also help relieve muscle pain and tone your muscles. It is also great to help ease indigestion, colitis and gastro-enteritis. Use when you are fatigued as it will stimulate, revive and energize you. If you are jetlagged or you need to clear your head, you can definitely turn to this lemongrass essential oil.

    • An essential oil that has a pungent lemony herbaceous scent that benefits the mind, body and skin.
    • Great to use on the skin as it helps reduce pore size while it helps oily skin that is prone to acne.
    • Helps stimulate, revive and energize your mind and clear the head.
    • Works to help recover sore throat, fever and laryngitis while helping prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
    • Helps with colitis, indigestions and gastro-enteritis, while helping tone and relieve muscles.

    Net Weight: 10 ml / 0.33 oz.

    Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) Oil.

    Vaporiser: Add 6-8 drops of essential oil to your electric or tealight vaporiser. For tealight vaporisers, add 3/4 water to the top dish before adding your essential oils.Massage: Add 6 drops of essential oil into 12ml of carrier oil.