ECO. Modern Essentials - Certified Organic Argan Face Oil 15 ml


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    Go organic and natural, give your skin a treat with ECO. Modern Essentials' Certified Organic Argan Face Oil. This formula is 100% certified organic and your skin will surely love it. It contains ingredients that are highly beneficial to your skin like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This face oil is an effective formula if your skin needs rehydration, rejuvenation and healing from damage. It will work effectively in making your skin smoother, firmer and plumper with regular use. You're skin not only feel great after but look great, too, appearing younger just like in your youth.

    • A face oil that works to moisturize the skin effectively.
    • Formula is rich in Vitamin C and contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
    • Works to rejuvenate, rehydrate and heal your damaged skin.
    • Keeps skin looking younger, smoother, plumper and firmer.
    • A 100% certified organic formula.

    Net Weight: 95 ml / 3.21 oz.

    Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil. Certified 100% Organic.

    Apply 2-4 drops of ECO. Argan Face Oil to your fingertips, and gently massage onto clean and dry skin.

    Product Type: Moisturizers