DS Laboratories - Keramene Body Hair Minimizer

DS Laboratories - Keramene Body Hair Minimizer

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    Keramene helps you achieve the silky, seductive, glamorous body you desire, with less of the shaving, waxing, burning, and other depilating you hate.

    The advanced hair growth inhibitor performs via two complementary pathways:

    1) by inducing follicles into the catagen state so they stop growing hairs and start shedding them, and

    2) by suppressing keratinocyte proliferation so remaining hairs grow slower.

    Regular users gain these benefits because Keramene combines dormin, a phytohormone extracted from dormant narcissus bulbs, with palmatine (Fibraurea recisa) and nordi­hydroguaiaretic acid (Larrea divaricatta) into one advanced topical cream.

    This bilateral attack against unwanted hair means a high-maintenance image with low-maintenance technique: Simply smooth on Keramene as you would a moisturizer. Depilate normally, but significantly less often.

    The bottom line is more attractive skin, with fewer of the expensive, painful, potentially dangerous side effects of constant depilation.

    Net Weight: 180 ml

    For maximum effectiveness, apply a generous layer of DS Laboratories Keramene twice per day to desired areas. To accelerate results, depilate normally prior to applying Keramene. After achieving the desired effect, fall back to using once per day. Continue treatment to maintain glamorous skin.

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    • Keramene Body Hair Minimizer
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    • Hair Removal
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    • Hair Removal
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By Chris
It works!
December 6, 2011
I was skeptical this would work (since I've never found an effective hair inhibitor) but after 3 weeks, my beard is 40% as dense as it was. I've checked and rechecked and can confirm, I'm not hallucinating. It may not work for some people, though. I guess it depends on how hairy you are.
ProsIt works and works fast, and dramatically.
ConsNothing, really.
By dara
July 31, 2008
Does not work, used for one month and no change. save your money.