Cosmobella - Cosmobella Tangle-Stopper Wet/Dry Detangler Brush (Pink)


    COSMOBELLA’s Detangler Hair Brush is Made With Premium Quality Plastic Bristles That Are Firm, Soft, Strong, And Are Made to Last. No More Painful Knotted or Tangled Hair!

    • PLASTIC BRISTLES: The Bristles Massage the Scalp While You Brush Your Hair And Help Increase Circulation Which Reduces The Potential For Hair Loss While Keeping The Skin and Hair Moisturized
    • COSMOBELLA’s Detangler Hair Brush is Ideal for Detangling the Toughest Tangles and knotted Hair Whether the Hair is Wet or Dry. Everyone in The Family Will Soon Love To Use This Brush.
    • LONG & SHORT BRISTLES: Increase The Effectiveness of COSMOBELLA’s Brush by Easily Untangling Thick and Coarse Hair Types Just as Easy as Fine or Soft Hair
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The COSMOBELLA Tangle Stopper Hair Brush Was Designed to be Extremely Durable but also Lightweight With an Easy to Handle Grip That Provides The Most Comfortable Grip Wet Or Dry
    • Professional Grade, Soft, Firm, With Superior Quality Plastic Bristles that Will Maintain Their Original Shape Regardless of Frequency of use

    Will NOT Rip Through, Pull Out or Yank The Knotted Hair, Instead Will Gently Separate Every Strand of Hair While Unraveling The Toughest Tangles Perfect for Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors. Everyone In the Family Will Love Combing Their Hair With This Brush

    Benefits Of The Cosmobella Detangler Brush:

    • Prevents Damage to Hair by Minimizing Breakage And Split Ends
    • Smoothes The Cuticle Layer Which Results in Shiny, Soft, And Vibrant Hair
    • Massages The Scalp And Increases Circulation Which Can Help Prevent Hair Damage or Even Hair Loss
    • Perfect To Use on Dry Or Wet Hair
    • Kids Absolutely Love This Brush – No More Chasing Them to Comb Their Hair!
    • Ergonomic Design Provides A Firm Grip For Ease of Handling
    • Super Easy To Clean And Store
    • Adult & Kid Friendly