Keratosis Pilaris

One of the most common skin conditions that cause small, rough, and bumpy patches is keratosis pilaris. This is a harmless skin condition that leaves your skin as if it was covered in goose pimples permanently and shows up in your thighs, upper arms, and buttocks. This condition involves keratinization of hair follicles of the skin and may sometimes be a genetic disorder. Looking for a solution? The top products here at Beauty Bridge include Dermalogica’s Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque and Skin Hydrating Booster, Whish’ Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum, Murad’s Clarifying Body Spray and Acne Body Wash, and Joey New York’s 4 in 1 Foundation Anti-Aging Formula (Oily Skin). These Keratosis Pilaris Treatment Products are made to help calm and reduce the redness of the skin when this condition happens. If you use these products regularly, you get the benefits to repair and restore your skin, moisturize it, and soothe it. It is also safe to use for all skin types and you will experience relief from the products you purchase.
  • Whish - Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum


    Whish - Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum

    • product title: Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum
    • product-type: Hair Removal
    • concern: Hair Removal
    • concern: Keratosis Pilaris
    • concern: Razor Burn & Ingrown Hair
    • preference: Natural
    • preference: Organic
    • preference: Parabens-Free
    • preference: Phthalates-Free
    • preference: Sulfates-Free
    • preference: Certified Cruelty-Free
  • Dermalogica - Skin Hydrating Booster


    Dermalogica - Skin Hydrating Booster

    • product title: Skin Hydrating Booster
    • product-type: Skin Revitalizers
    • product-type: Moisturizers
    • product-type: Serums
    • concern: Hyperkeratosis
    • concern: Keratosis Pilaris
    • concern: Seborrheic Dermatitis
    • concern: Eczema
  • BABOR - DOCTOR BABOR Biogen Cellular Ultimate Repair Cleanser


    BABOR - DOCTOR BABOR Biogen Cellular Ultimate Repair Cleanser

    • product title: DOCTOR BABOR Biogen Cellular Ultimate Repair Cleanser
    • product-type: Cleansers
    • product-type: Skin Revitalizers
    • concern: Keratosis Pilaris
    • skin-type: Combination
    • skin-type: Dry
    • skin-type: Mature
    • skin-type: Normal
    • skin-type: Oily
    • skin-type: Sensitive
    • collection: doctor babor biogen cellular
    • preference: Minerals