Hyperkeratosis is a condition when the outer layer of the skin thickens due to excessive accumulation of keratin, a protective protein. The condition is prominent in the areas of joints and may appear even on the scalp. Hyperkeratosis forms as one of the skin’s defense to infection, sunlight radiation, chronic inflammation or irritating chemicals. It may be treated with several remedies and just as you will find here at Beauty Bridge, Hyperkeratosis Treatment Products. The most popular and in demand products are Yu-Be’s Moisturizing Skin Cream, NeoStrata’s Gel Plus AHA 15, eShave’s Start Up Kit, Babor’s Spa Mediterranee Hand Mask Super Rich and Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster. Other products that are highly recommended and are also top rated are Kneipp’s Evening Primrose Body Oil, B. Kamins Chemist’s Elbow, Knee and Foot Treatment Kit, and eShave’s Mini Travel Kit. These products work to hydrate your skin and increase moisture level to relieve it from dryness, irritation, and thickened skin. You will feel and see improved appearance with regular use of these products. Be proud of your skin and never hide anymore with our exclusive deals here at Beauty Bridge.

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