Cellpia - Cellpia Blanc Mask


    The high content of stem cell culture, niacinamide, and adenosine help to brighten aging and dull skin tone, uniquely formulated crystal sheet adheres firmly to the skin, nourishes the skin deeply, and helps to minimize pores with a long-lasting cooling effect.

    It contains Cellpia Premium Stem Cell Culture Medium and 7 natural plant-derived ingredients to help skin repair in a short period of time.

    The natural crystal sheets cool down the skin and soothe the skin that became sensitive to external stimuli, UV lights, and temperature differences.

    The stem cell culture medium solution and the natural ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, provide elasticity, and help in skin tone improvement.

    • Growth Factors and Cytokines - Help the skin to regenerate and rejuvenate, brighten the skin, and offers a soft glow and luminous effect, restores the skin balance and cell vitality.
    • Niacinamide - Visible minimizes enlarged pores, tighten lax pores, improves uneven skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes dullness.
    • Chamomile - It's a powerful ingredient that has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals.
    • Crystal Sheet - Brightens dull skin and overall complexion, helps to clarify dark spots, hydrates dry skin and makes it glowing, soothes and calms.
    • Castor Oil - Maintains moisture in the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, fights acne thanks to its antibacterial properties, prevents wrinkles and promotes overall skin health.

    Net Weight: 5 x (25 g / 0.88 oz.)

    Water, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media, Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Matricaria Flower Extract, Rosemary Flower Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Madecassoside, Ceramide NP, Allantoin
    After washing the face, spread out the mask pack and remove the attached film paper. Unfold the mask sheet and adjust it on your face. Leave the mask for about 15 to 20 minutes while the essence is absorbed into the skin. Remove the sheet from your face and gently massage the remaining skin.