Caswell-Massey - Sandalwood Talc

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Caswell-Massey - Sandalwood Talc

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    Are you looking for a talc that will give you a Fresh Feeling? Then the Sandalwood Talc will make you have that feeling your looking for, Sandalwood Talc the finest talc to soothe, smooth and dry your skin, provides a final touch of scent after the shower. Its suitable for both men and women, and have enjoyed the fresh, dry nature of this slightly scented of Sandalwood for years. Refreshing as an early morning sail, seductive as a sun-splashed yacht, it is once masculine, crisp and outdoorsy - yet decidedly sophisticated and refined. Its finely textured Italian powder, exotically scented with sandalwood fragrance. Gives your skin feeling cool and fresh feeling all day is very light weight, smooths on smoothy and feels like you don't you have anything on. A polished canister of the purest talc, lightly scented with the crisp, brisk scent of the outdoors. The Benefits of the Sandalwood Talc which are: Fine Italian talc: a natural mineral, which absorbs excess moisture and refreshes skin. Unique fragrance with broad appeal for men and women, Its Great as a final touch after the shower or bath Perfect size for your on the Go. Asbestos free. Not Tested on Animals. Great for everyday use! Try it today!

    Fragrance Notes: Sandalwood (single note), Spicy, Woody.

    • Softens and dries

    Net Weight: 3.5 oz.

    Apply on skin after shower or as needed.
    Product Type: Body Powders & Dusts
    Concerns: Body Odor
    Preferences: NaturalCertified Cruelty-FreeMinerals
    Collections: Sandalwood