Caswell-Massey - Oatmeal Single Bath Soap

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Caswell-Massey - Oatmeal Single Bath Soap

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    Incredibly moisturizing and soothing, our Natural Oatmeal Soap kisses the skin with the fresh smell of a meadow.

    Loaded with exfoliating pieces of oatmeal and made of a vegetable base formula, this soap will gently and throughly cleanse the skin. Our Oatmeal Bath Soap is great for rashy or itchy skin . Recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Soon after we introduced this soap, customers began writing to sing its praises for the way it lathers and exfoliates. Try just one bar - that's all it takes.

    Net Weight: 5.8 oz. / 164 g

    Use in bath or shower.
    Product Type: Bath Soaps
    Preferences: NaturalVegan-Friendly