Caswell-Massey - Gardenia Bath and Shower Gel

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Caswell-Massey - Gardenia Bath and Shower Gel

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    Sultry even in the shade where it thrives, the provocative scent of Gardenias in bloom entices all near to admire its glossy green bushes with spectacular creamy white flowers. Originally known as Cape Jasmine, Gardenias were re-named for Alexander Garden, a Scottish physician and amateur botanist who lived in Charles Town (now Charleston) in the mid 1700's, when the new plants were first introduced to Europe and America. In the language of flowers it has several meanings, I love you in secret, you are grace, joy and artistry, and good luck, all of which seem fitting.

    Gardenia Bath & Shower Gel transforms any bathing routine into a relaxing escape. This fragrant bath gel leaves skin smooth and refreshed with each cleansing. Formulated with Aloe Vera and Glycerin for natural hydration and conditioning. Appropriate for all skin types, this sulfate-free formula creates big lather and can also be used as a bubble bath.

    • Sulfates and Parabens Free
    • Made in the USA
    • Not tested on animals

    Net Weight: 8 oz. / 240 ml

    Use as direct.