Caswell-Massey - Elixir Of Love No.1 Body Creme

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Caswell-Massey - Elixir Of Love No.1 Body Creme

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    Looking for a think and Creamy body Creme? Then the Caswell-Massey - Elixir Of Love No.1 Body Crme will take care of that, the Elixir of Love Body Creme will also do wonders to your skin. Thick and creamy rich body crme is formulated with pure Shea butter to moisturize, which leave the skin and supple. Elixir Of Love Body Creme is lightly floral fragrance, blending Jasmine, Lavender, Egyptian Musk, and Passionflower. A secret herbaceous ingredient, which when carefully blended, creates a sure-to-please scent that is both evocative and intoxicating. It comes in a Beautiful Jar! The Benefits of the lovely creme are the Sweet Almond Oil: to moisturize, Chamomile Extract: to soften, Shea Butter: acts as a skin protector, The highest quality essential oils: perfume grade, for exceptional fragrance. Total bath experience, we recommend layering Elixir of Love No. 1. First, savor a long, luxurious bath with our cleansing soap and fragrant gel, towel off to a dusting powder, then apply the moisturizing body creme for a longer-lasting fragrance, you not be disappointed! Later, scent with the cologne spray or solid perfume. Try it today for a unforgettable Experience!

    Fragrance Notes: Jasmine, Lavender, Artemisia Absinthium, Egyptian Musk, Passionflower

    • Formulated with pure Shea Butter
    • Leaves skin soft and supple
    • Thick and creamy

    Net Weight: 8 oz.

    Product Type: Body Creams & Butters
    Preferences: Essential Oils
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    Ingredients: Shea Butter