Caswell-Massey - Almond and Aloe Foaming Bath Cream

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Caswell-Massey - Almond and Aloe Foaming Bath Cream

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    A pure and heavenly fragrance the entire family enjoys. For over 260 years Caswell-Massey has been creating formulas that combine the finest natural ingredients to create products of subtle complexity and undiminished purity. Our Almond & Aloe collection is a perfect example. From fragrant almond trees we extract sweet almond oil, one of nature’s finest moisturizers, and combine it with aloe vera, nature’s finest healer, to create a complete line of facial, bath and body treatment products. The light gender-neutral scent of almond is detected while the product is in use, it does not leave a lingering scent on the skin. This makes Almond & Aloe products perfect for those with sensitive or dry skin. Fragrance family: Aromatic & Herbal Fragrance note(s): Cherry Almond with slight salt note

    Luxuriant bubbles of soothing Almond & Aloe gently cleanse the skin without stripping natural oils. This foaming bath cream is a moisturizing blend of Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera, soothe, condition and restore soft smoothness to skin. A treat for both body and mind as a shower gel or bubble bath.

    • Sulfate free
    • Made in the USA

    Net Weight: 10 oz. / 300 ml

    Use in bath or shower.
    Product Type: Bath & Shower Gels
    Preferences: NaturalSulfates-Free
    Collections: Almond
    Ingredients: Aloe Vera