Bulgarian Rose Cosmetics - Rose Lip Balm with Natural Rose Oil


    The Bulgarian Rose Lip Balm softens and protects the lips from the harmful effects of the environment. The enriched formula with rose oil, cocoa butter, vitamins E and D has a useful revitalizing effect on chapped and cracked lips. Restores their tenderness and beauty, giving a delicate shine.Apply to the lips in a thin layer.

    Product Features:

    • Delicate softening lip balm with natural rose water & rose oil
    • Contains 100% pure Bulgarian Rose Oil
    • Enriched with vitamins E and D
    • Has a gentle rose scent
    • Does not contain Paraben

    Net Weight: 5 g

    Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Cocoa Oil, Vitamin E & D.
    Please apply a small amount onto your lips. To avoid possible bacterial contamination use best hygiene practices. Avoid the possibility for penetration of moisture and dust. After use, close the container well.
    Product Type: Lip Balms