Bulgarian Rose Cosmetics - Rose Glycerin Soap Sponge with Natural Rose Oil


    The combination of soap and sponge from the Bulgarian Rose Oil line of products offers comfortable care for the skin. The glycerin soap with natural rose water washes the skin without drying it out. Leaves pleasant and fresh aroma of Bulgarian rose.

    Product Features:

    • Glycerin soap with rose scent
    • Comfortable, soft sponge
    • Convenient cleansing combination
    • Contains natural rose water
    • Does not contain Paraben

    Net Weight: 70 g

    Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water.
    Use the side with the glycerin soap to massage onto wet skin. Afterward, flip onto the other side and use the sponge to spread the foam on the body. Keep the glycerin soap-sponge away from direct sunlight and heat. For best results use together with the Rose Body Soap from the Bulgarian Rose Cosmetic line.
    Product Type: Bath Soaps
    Preferences: Parabens-Free
    Ingredients: GlycerinRose