Bukli Haircare - Soft HD Curlers 5 inch


    These extra flexible curlers create high-definition spiral curls in straight hair with ease. They are simple to use and comfortable to sleep in for beautiful curls in the morning. Made from outré soft sponge that is naturally durable, washable, recyclable, and latex-free. Plus, they are oil and odor resistant. There are 18 curlers in a single pack.

    Product Features:

    • Easy to use
    • Sleep comfort
    • Latex-free

    Size: 5 in x 0.4 in x 0.8 in (12 cm x 1cm x 2 cm).

    Short to Medium hair

    These Smooth Curlers Are Made From Soft Grade Rubbery Foam That Quickly Bounces Back To Its Original Shape. We Carefully Chose This Latex-Free Material To Provide Ultimate Comfort While You Sleep. U.S. Patent Pending.
    Open curler at the incision. Take a medium thick section of hair and pull it through the incision, keeping the curler close to the scalp. Close the incision. Next, wind the hair in a downward spiral all the way to the end of the curler or as far as your hair will go. Finally, pull the hair ends back through the incision to secure in place. Voilà!