Bright Horizon Health - Pure Garlic Extract 11Xstronger-New & Improved Formula-Alcohol Free


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    Bright Horizon Health is a family-owned and operated company is delivering the healing power of garlic to your home. For three decades, our all natural product has helped adults and children manage their health issues, including:

    • high blood pressure
    • pinworms
    • toothaches
    • warts
    • ear infections
    • high cholesterol
    • candida
    • diabetes
    • intestinal problems
    • indigestion
    • common colds
    • and flues

    Strengthen your immune system and promote heart health to fight back against viruses, infections, bacteria, and cancer. The oil of pressed raw garlic is bottled straight from the source using traditional, artisan extraction processes to ensure the highest level of potency and exceptional quality. In order to enjoy the complete healing elements of garlic extract, it has to be authentic from Bright Horizon Health.

    Net Weight: 2 fl oz. / 60 ml

    Raw Garlic Bulbs And Pure Alkaline Water

    By Mouth

    • Adults: Once a day 25-30 drops before meals, use twice a day for more advanced health conditiones
    • Children: 3 -12 years of age - once a day  5-10 drops daily with a meal, use twice a day for more advanced health conditions

    For ears: 1-3 drops in affected ear 3 times a day and plug with cotton