Gone are the days when washing one’s face results in a messy bathroom. As the first ever set of fitted, water-absorbent, terry cloth cotton wristbands, WristBrella™ is just like one’s favorite towels. But this time, it’s right on the wrists to absorb all the water that runs down – so people can freely wash their faces all ways, apply and wash off any kind of facial masks, shaving, doing face massage, without thinking of cleaning the messy bathroom. Invented in 2018, the idea of WristBrella was born out of a busy mom’s frustration of constantly having to clean up wet countertops, clothes, and floors when doing everyday beauty and bath rituals. This innovative beauty product was officially launched in October 2021 on the company's website and now has trademark and patent.

Slipping on a pair of WristBrella Skincare Wristbands is just like having umbrellas on one’s wrists. This game changer is made from 100% cotton, which is the most absorbent, renewable, and biodegradable material on the market.

Not only is this product sustainable, but it is also great for everyone, including the entire family, and fits most people. It is best used when washing one’s face, doing beauty routines, shaving the face, armpits or legs, brushing the teeth, bathing children, washing pets, washing dishes, and more.

Whether they are used at home, at the spa, or when traveling, WristBrellas are the missing link in face washing and skincare routine. For more information about WristBrella™

Designed in USA

PATENT US D959, 093 S

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