White Lotus Beauty

Did you know that White Lotus is one of the only companies in the world that sells crystal beauty toolst hat are not chemically treated? Pure Crystal Beauty tools have remarkable benefits on the skin, unlike crystals treated with chemical solvents.

White Lotus have been supplying Jewellery Grade crystal beauty products for well over a decade and introduced these beauty rituals in the internationally famous clinic back in 2004.

Everyone Agrees...

The quality of the White Lotus Crystal range has headlined in the media for well over a decade. Nothing compares to owning your own individually hand carved jewellery grade beauty tool. Used By Celebrities

The list of Celebrities including actors, models and public figuires grows every year.......

White Lotus provides the finest quality Crystal Beauty Tools for the most discerning clients.

White Lotus are trusted experts in Traditional Chinese Beauty rituals, the founders are internationally best selling authors and have taught countless therapists and home users from around the world. Always select the finest quality - as you would if you were looking at purchasing a diamond ring. Your skin is worth it and you will thank yourself.