Sophie la Girafe

The Sophie La Girafe teether has been on most parents’ “must-have” lists for the last 50 years, thanks to the 100% rubber composition and adorable shape. The simplicity and care that the French company puts into making each Sophie teether is reflected in their ecological, dermatologist-tested skin care products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin (no matter from newborns to adults).

Eco-certification is crucial for this natural skincare company, as well as the mothers and fathers who believe in using only the purest and safest products possible. Therefore, over 99% of these ingredients are plant-based, and the company does not use chamomile, calendula, gluten, or nut extracts. Even the most delicate newborn skin is swaddled in – and protected by – luxurious vegan skin care products without the use of lanolin, beeswax, or any other animal-derived substance. These are simply some of the best natural skin care products for babies out there!

Baby Moisturizers

With cold weather or heat rash, your little one’s face can bear the brunt of inclement weather. Finding the best, fastest-absorbing face lotion can present challenges, especially with skin allergies. When irritation occurs, reach for the Sophie la Girafe Baby Face Cream, a rich, moisturizer that nourishes dry skin. Organic ingredients like white tea are known for protecting against free radicals (like harmful UVA rays and city pollution), while lavender is celebrated for its unique ability to soothe irritated skin. Shea butter and jojoba oil create a protective layer across your child’s skin, preventing further damage. The organic ingredients are so gentle that it can even be used as a lip balm! For adults with sensitive skin, a thin layer is even perfect as a daily makeup primer.

Who doesn’t love healthy skin? For proper hydration, use the Sophie la Girafe Baby Body Lotion each morning and evening. Non-greasy and incredibly easy to apply, you’ll strengthen your little one’s natural skin barrier with jojoba and cocoa butter, and remove inflammation with calming oat milk. Mothers-to-be are even able to use this body moisturizer to prevent pregnancy stretch marks!

If your baby has ever experienced diaper rash, you’ll know that finding a fast-acting, nourishing product is crucial to alleviate pain and discomfort. The best thing for diaper rash that our customers have found is the Sophie la Girafe Baby SOS Cream Face and Body, an insulating (but breathable) blend of macadamia wax, shea butter, aloe vera, and tea tree extract to soothe and safely kill bacteria. Use after each diaper change to prevent irritation and to provide a breathable layer of protection. This natural diaper cream can also be used to protect against wind and harsh weather changes, so be sure to bring this along to the park!

Baby Bath Time Products

Bath time doesn’t have to be a tearful experience, especially when it comes to washing hair. With the SLG Baby Hair and Body Wash, you’ll indulge the scalp, skin, and hair. The cotton extract works to detangle unruly knots, white tea infuses the body with antioxidant protection, and coco glucoside (one of the mildest cleansers currently on the market) gently removes oil and grime. This product is ideal for all hair types – even adult customers love this shower gel!

Most people were raised with baby oil, a common part of bathtime. Unfortunately, newborn baby bath oils tend to be composed of mineral oil – a petroleum product that coats and rests on top of skin to “lock in moisture” – and unnatural fragrance. Mineral oils keep the skin from breathing, and even natural, beneficial ingredients cannot be absorbed once oil is in place. The Sophie la Girafe Baby Oil fortifies the skin, restricts possible irritation, and swathes your tiny one’s skin during bath time (or simply whenever extra hydration is needed) with fatty acids and plant oils. The smallest amount of this product can also be used for quick makeup removal, moisturizing cuticles, pregnancy skin care, and an opportunity to bond with your infant through routine massage.

Baby Bath Sets

Whether shopping for yourself or a new bundle of joy, Sophie the Girafe gift sets are a wonderful present to receive or give. With the Baby Hair and Body Set, you’ll discover how effective the Baby Hair and Body Wash really is. Plus, the natural bristle hairbrush included in each gift set tenderly cares for your baby’s delicate scalp, and takes care of conditions like cradle cap. If you’re thinking of purchasing the baby shampoo and body lotion, why not purchase them in the Baby Bath and Body Set? Dry skin will no longer plague your little one, and you’ll also save money by buying them together – a win-win!

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