Simi Essentials

Simi Essentials products are natural base and their main ingredient is aloe vera, not water (like most commercial brands). This gives an incredible texture and quality to the product. Formulated by the worlds finest experts here in the US, there are 4 simple categories of specialized skin care to chose from; Pampered Temple for the body, Perfect Balance for acne prone and oily skin, Fountain of Youth for people looking for an anti aging solution, and Aqua Pura to improve the moisture of the dehydrated skin. Unlike most high end spa quality skin care products, Simi Essentials will be attainable to all on a daily basis and encouraged for use outside of the spa and rather more frequently use in the comfort of a consumers own home. The promise and idea of Simi is to bring the spa experience into ones home every day and not limit a much needed high quality skin care regimen to a once in a while spa visit.

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