Redolent Rogue

Redolent Rogue is a San Francisco based skin care company offering efficacious tonics and potions. Inspired by vintage aesthetics and the luxurious bounty of nature, we strive to address skin concerns with wholehearted determination and pluck. Our philosophy is to incorporate redolent components cherished through the ages and sprinkled with a dose of newly trending discoveries. We aspire to provide radiance and resilience, refreshment, and a youthful restorative boost. We're a perfect traveling companion, an ally to incorporate with your daily skin regimen, a protector from daily aggressors, and a soothing skin cocktail as needed. Cheers to your best skin for every era and throughout the ages. Live Redolent with a touch of Rogue.

  • Redolent Rogue

    Redolent Rogue - Lola's Homage Hydrating Mist

    • product title: Lola's Homage Hydrating Mist
    • ingredients: Rose
    • ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid
    • ingredients: Vitamin E
    • preference: Certified Cruelty-Free
    • preference: Parabens-Free
    • preference: Essential Oils
    • skin-type: Dry
    • skin-type: Mature
    • product-type: Facial Spritzers
    • product-type: Anti-Aging
    • product-type: Serums
    • product-type: Toners
    • marketplace-allowed: true