Patchology started – and has maintained its position – as a great skincare company built on quality skincare ingredients. With over ten years’ experience with medical patches, the company’s founders honed their skills in the beauty industry. Patchology products are developed for busy people who can take as little as five minutes to get lasting results. See the Patchology difference for yourself today!

Most other mud masks require you to apply them with your favorite makeup brush, then cause an absolute mess of your towels and bathroom sink areas, the Patchology Smart Mud Mask could not be simpler. Simply place both masks on cleansed, moistened skin, and remove the plastic lining. Set your timer for 10 minutes, peel off and you’re good to go! For ease of usage, the Smart Mud Mask includes two pieces for the top and bottom of your face. What’s more, the volcanic ash and kaolin clay contain purifying and detoxifying properties, while the activated charcoal literally pulls pore-clogging imperfections and impurities to the surface. That’s not all: glycerin pulls in moisture and hydrolyzed collagen plumps aging skin. Perfect for normal, combination and oily skin types. If your skin is dry, flaky and uncooperative? Try the Hydrate FlashMasque, which provides unbelievably soft skin with only five minutes of use! Seeing as how dehydration is the leading cause of aging, we can’t recommend these face masks enough. Vitamin B5 smooths even the driest skin, Betaine locks in moisture and Hyaluronic acid maintains collagen production – necessary for elasticity. All you have to do is place this peel-off face mask over clean and moist skin whenever you need a boost, take five and let the serum absorb! What could be easier?

Dark spots are an inevitable part of aging skin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about them. On the contrary, the Powerpatch Dark Spot Corrector takes care of sun damage, acne scars and liver spots on all skin types. The copper and zinc fibers in each patch gently vibrate, causing a painless charge to boost skin renewal. All you need to do is apply one patch over the area you want to brighten each night, peel off in the morning, and apply the included gel after the removal. Within two weeks, you’ll see results. In three months, they’ll disappear entirely! Is your skin feeling dull and lifeless? With the Patchology FlashMasque Illuminate face mask’s secret blend of Vitamin C, Licorice and Grapefruit Extract, you’ll not only revive an unremarkable complexion, but you’ll also even your skin tone. Unlike many sheet masks that require upwards of 20 minutes to see results, this skin treatment only takes 5 minutes to revive and liven!

After a busy day of computer screens, sun and squinting, your eyes need a break. Dark circles and under-hydrated eyes will be erased with Patchology Flashpatch Eye Gels, a cooling and brightening treatment. This eye treatment is packed with arnica extract, which decreases the visibility of blood vessels and cools skin naturally, as well as retinol, which increases cell turnover and collagen production. Nip crow’s feet and fine lines in the bud with these peptide-infused eye gel patches. It only takes five minutes each day, and is the perfect way to relax after a long day at the office. Maybe you’re dealing with dull, overworked skin. Putting concealer over that won’t work. Instead, try Patchology Energizing Eye Patches for their powerful hydrating and anti-aging capabilities. What makes these Flashpatch Eye Gels so different from the competition is its patented microcurrent makeup that imperceptibly vibrates against skin to deliver results that work! Along with the patches, you’ll find a water-based eye gel containing hyaluronic acid which functions as the conductor. Simply apply to your eyes for the best way to fight wrinkles.

Dry weather wreaking havoc on your lips? With Patchology Lip Gels, you’ll have the perfect pout in no time. Exactly five minutes, in fact. Green Tea Extract protects lips from free radicals and peptides work to diminish pesky lip lines. No need to slough off dead skin with sugar scrubs or lip peels, simply apply these Flashpatch lip gels for five minutes before starting your daily makeup routine. Peel off, rub the leftover serum into your lip area and start your day with soft, kissable lips.

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