Naturel Collagen

Naturel Collagen products eliminate the causes of aging, not just the effects. With regular use, our collagen serums and complementary skin care products are guaranteed to quickly break down into peptides once it touches moistened skin. It then begins the process of collagen regeneration, strengthening the skin and erasing fine wrinkles.

Naturel Collagen offers an unrivaled approach to biologically active, native collagen skin care products, and pharmaceutical-grade supplements. The company founder, Jacqui Dunal, believes that the natural aging process should be celebrated by adopting a health-conscious and "skintelligent" attitude. Her pragmatic approach is reflected in Naturel Collagen’s scientifically proven products, incorporating cutting-edge, fish-derived native collagen, which is far superior to other forms of collagen.

Unlike hydrolyzed collagen, native collagen is naturally preserved -- not processed -- and easily penetrates the skin’s layers to regenerate depleted collagen fibers, while smoothing and plumping the skin.

Native collagen is a living protein. It repairs the skin and slows down the aging process!

Manufactured under the Colway label – the patented collagen formula consists of a chain of 1000 amino acids bound in a spiral, only produced by vertebrates in the metabolic cycle. It is produced using an extract from skins of the most precious fish species (silver carp), caught in natural reservoirs. Collagen produced in this way keeps its spatial structure, very similar to the structure of human collagen, (i.e. a triple helix.)

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