Mio means ‘for me’ which gives you some idea of just how selfish we founders are! We have created this range of incredible bodycare to be the very best in the business, giving you fit skin that can easily cope with all the challenges life throws at us. We have 4 groups within the range:

Workout Wonders

Muscle motivators to energise, restore and inspire, so you get the very best from your body.

Firming Faves - cellulite & firming

For firming, shaping and toning helping banish cellulite, sag, wobble and droop.

Aqua Actives - bath & shower

To add some power to your shower and zen to your bath tub, making your bathroom rituals really count.

Moisturising Miracles

Instantly moisturise and fortify thirsty skin for long-term strength, resilience and a healthy glow.

And we don’t stop at giving you the best skincare possible to get your skin into peak performance. Each product is your skin’s personal fitness trainer, going beyond skin deep by giving straightforward skin fitness, nutrition and exercise advice to help increase product efficacy. Every product comes with a leaflet chock full of Mio wisdom to help get you on the fast track to fit skin, feeling gorgeous, knowing you are doing the very best for your skin.