Marula Pure Beauty Oil

With 100% pure marula oil, you’ll find 60% higher antioxidant levels than in argan and grapeseed oils. Pollution and harmful UV rays are on the rise, and you need a product that can protect against these free radicals and premature aging. Apply the tiniest amount of pure marula oil to your skin or hair, and watch the dry oil absorb incredibly fast, leaving only a smooth sheen and delicate, natural scent. Our marula oil stands apart from competition due to its cold-press, 100% non-additive formula. Marula Pure Beauty Oil is also ethically and sustainably sourced from rural Africa. When you purchase this organic, cold-pressed product ensures that only the highest quality oil will touch your hair and skin. The benefits of Marula Pure Beauty Oil are at your fingertips!

Marula Oil for Face

The Marula Foaming Cleansing Oil provides absolutely everything you could ever want in a gentle cleanser. Devoid of any sulfates or oily sheen, you can be certain of smoother, firmer skin. Apply a coin-sized amount in your palm, and apply to wet skin using a circular motion. The triple-action product provides cleansing, hydration, and exfoliation. Be sure to follow with the Pure Marula Facial Oil, which is one of the best anti-aging products available on the natural skin care market today. As a dry oil, the skin drinks it in for quick, long-lasting suppleness. What’s better, this facial oil promotes collagen production and plumps skin for a younger-looking, luminescent appearance. Try this age-defying oil alone, or add to your regular cleansers, masks, and primers for improved benefits. This beauty oil is perfect for any skin type seeking for more radiance and hydration.

The Pure Marula Facial Lotion offers balanced moisturizing routine while increasing collagen production with Glycan technology, an entirely natural additive. Many lotions and moisturizers today are composed of 90% water, which overwhelms the hardest working ingredients. Our products differ, in that only pure marula oil is used to hydrate and penetrate dry skin cells. You’ll also find soothing, organic aloe vera, vitamin C, and vitamin E within the package’s contents. Protect your skin from harmful environmental stressors with this daily facial moisturizer made for literally all skin types.

Anti Aging Products

For those with crow’s feet and dark circles in their eye area, Pure Marula Eye Cream will promote younger, plumper skin. The skin surrounding the eyes is much more sensitive than other parts of the body, and our formula uses organic aloe vera to improve collagen production, firmness, and protection from free radicals.

Marula Oil for Hair

The merits of Marula oil shampoo cannot be understated, and the Weightless Moisture Shampoo--without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates--washes hair without removing color or stripping hair follicles of nutrients. Quinoa and wheat protein improve moisture, and marula oil improves shiny and healthy hair. Follow with the Weightless Moisture Conditioner, which protects from hair color loss and protects against free radical damage while reducing hair drying time. For thin or fine hair, finish your look with the Marula Pure Beauty Oil Light Hair Treatment & Styling Oil. Kiss frizz and flyaways goodbye without weighing hair down. Before blow drying, straightening, or any other styling, apply a small amount into your palms and work through damp hair. You’ll see repaired hair follicles and easier manageability in no time.

For deeper hydration--and for more damaged hair--the Intensive Repair Shampoo may be your new favorite product. The shampoo invigorates and repairs dry, damaged hair caused by chemical processing, styling, and environmental forces, and keeps color protected with its luscious, lightly lathering formula. Follow with the Intensive Repair Conditioner, which seals the hair follicle and reduces drying time. If you heat style your curly or coarse hair, be sure to use the Intensive Repair Hair Treatment & Styling Oil. This leave-in product moisturizes, protects, and improves shine.

After a long week of straightenings, blowouts, or heat treatments, hair is stripped of its natural beauty and resilience. With the Deep Moisture Hair Mask, it takes 5 minutes to reinvigorate your tresses and improve its manageability. This is the perfect addition to any hair care arsenal.

  • Marula Pure Beauty Oil

    Light Hair Treatment and Styling Oil

    • product title: Light Hair Treatment and Styling Oil
    • concern: Frizzy Hair
    • freedom: False
    • hair-type: Dry
    • hair-type: Normal
    • hair-type: Thin Hair
    • product-type: Styling Products
    • preference: Sulfates-Free
    • preference: Parabens-Free
    • preference: Phthalates-Free
    • ingredients: Antioxidant
    • ingredients: Orange Peel Oil
    • ingredients: Sunflower Oil
    • ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
    • saleallowed: TRUE
    • products-sale-tier: Tier3
    • directions: Apply a dime-size amount of our hair oil treatment evenly on damp hair before styling or smooth onto dry hair for a flawless finish.
    • mirakl-sizeorvolume: 90
    • mirakl-sizeorvolumeuom: ML
    • mirakl-titletag: 90ml
    • ebayprice: 38.65
    • local-sku: mapubeoillih
  • Marula Pure Beauty Oil

    Intensive Repair Shampoo

    • product title: Intensive Repair Shampoo
    • concern: Frizzy Hair
    • freedom: False
    • hair-type: Color Treated
    • hair-type: Damaged
    • hair-type: Dry
    • product-type: Shampoos
    • preference: Sulfates-Free
    • preference: Parabens-Free
    • ingredients: Panthenol
    • ingredients: Lactic Acid
    • ingredients: Glycerin
    • saleallowed: TRUE
    • directions:
    • mirakl-sizeorvolume: 260
    • mirakl-sizeorvolumeuom: ML
    • mirakl-titletag: 260ml
    • products-sale-tier: Tier3
    • ebayprice: 25.94
    • local-sku: mapubeoilinr