Manscaping is defined as “the act of men grooming themselves in a very thorough and complete manner.” While there are a plethora of grooming products for men’s beards, mustaches, and bare faces, there haven’t been any companies that focus primarily on a man’s “downstairs” area. With Manscaping Products, that’s all changed. They’ve developed incredible men’s grooming kits that include their famous American-made razors and clippers, as well as deodorizers, cleansers, and moisturizers that are tailored to your exact below-the-belt needs. After buying these products, you can kiss your complicated “one razor” approach goodbye. Do the best job the first time with Manscaped’s powerful products.

Manscaping Tools

With The Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0, you can count on a powerful, USB-charged, cordless male trimmer that offers up to one hour of versatile use. With options of four hair lengths – and a replaceable rust-proof ceramic blade that prevents painful nicks and bacterial buildup – you’ve got a men’s body groomer whose size allows it to fit easily into the most sensitive of areas. Its 100% waterproof design and TSA-friendly blade allows you to take this product everywhere. And we mean everywhere. For the closest shave you’ll find anywhere, take a moment to reach for The Plow, a single-blade, double-sided blade. Fashioned with the most sensitive skin in mind, this durable stainless steel safety razor gracefully maneuvers without pulling, cuts, or razor burn, thanks to its safety guard. Genuinely, this is the best razor for manscaping that you’ll ever find. Listen, we know that no men’s body groomer handles the serious mess that it creates. That’s why Manscaped has developed The Magic Mat, a disposable floor covering that keeps hair in one place. Spend your grooming time on the toilet? Read through one of the three mats (sold together) to while away the time. When you’re done, crumple it up and get rid of it. No mess, no hassle!

Shaving Creams & After Shave

Beard cleansers exist to prep hair before trimming and shaving, so why isn’t there a body wash developed for the same purpose? With The Crop Cleanser, you’ve got everything you need to wash, soothe, and hydrate skin, all while softening hair to improve your shaving experience? Listen, we know that things can get a bit stale “down there”. With the The Crop Preserve, you’ve got everything you need to fight itchiness and odd odors all day long. After shaving your sensitive bits, use this Manscaped ball deodorant to control excess oil production. The natural fragrance makes you smell as smooth as you feel! This combination deodorant-moisturizer provides protection without the residue, and keeps chafing to an absolute minimum. Stop using aerosol sprays. Seriously. Not only are they terrible for the environment, but they’re also packed with chemicals that can cause serious irritation to freshly-shaved skin. The Crop Reviver is not only a light scent that lingers throughout the day, but it works to reduce friction on parts of the body that tend to chafe. Spritz this formula under arms, between thighs, and on your most sensitive bits “below deck”. Concerned about needing a bit more freshness? This wonder formula actually works with your body’s pH levels as a sort of deodorant. What more could you ask for? Oh, wait: You can use The Crop Reviver as a room or car spray, too! We love the delicate scent of the vetiver and jasmine used in the Refined Cologne, which is just light enough to linger – but not strong enough to overwhelm a room. The aroma works together with all of the other Manscaped product lines and is created with hypoallergenic ingredients, so you can focus on looking – and smelling – your absolute best.

Shaving Kits

The best men’s grooming kit is – without question – The Perfect Package Deluxe. Not only is the easiest way to experience the Manscaped line, but it’s also far more affordable than buying piece-by-piece. You’ll find The Lawn Mower, The Plow, Crop Preserver, Crop Reviver, and a set of Magic Mat floor covers. What are you waiting for? There’s no better male grooming kit on the market! You need a place to put all of your Manscaped products, and The Shed stores literally all of them. Designed with high quality materials that are absolutely waterproof (inside and out). With a secure zipper and travel-friendly size, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t carry your entire manscaping kit in it.

While not a men’s shaving kit per se, The Shears is by no means an unimportant part of a man’s grooming routine. This five-piece manicure kit (contained in an attractive leather travel wallet) is produced with stainless steel and sophisticated attention to detail. In it, you’ll discover nail clippers, tweezers, an ear pick, a nail file, and safety scissors. Keep your hands handsome with a daily nail routine. Listen, we know that.

Manscaped Merchandise

We know that word of mouth is the best way to promote a brand, but why not promote your brand new confidence. The Manscaped T-Shirt (in XXL size) is the ultimate way to show the world what kind of a guy you are. If public displays aren’t your thing, why not try the Manscaped Boxer Briefs? The wide elastic band never pinches or rolls, the breathable fabric keeps your family jewels from overheating, and the moisture-wicking design keeps chafe and “swamp crotch” to a minimum – even during the hottest months of the year.

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