Makeuprevue Cosmetics is an American-Brazilian company that was founded to provide luxurious makeup products to serious beauty lovers. Your conscience can stay clear with these 100% cruelty free, vegan formulas, which are sure to glam up your day and vamp up your evenings. Started in 2015, the founders of Makeuprevue were on the hunt for the finest ingredients that provided long wear and intense pigmentation, and take cues from the most important people in the industry: their customers!

Whether you’re looking for a shimmer eyeshadow, glitter for a fun night out, or a longwear matte lipstick, one thing’s for sure: We’ve got a makeup revolution on our hands (and faces)! Keep your eyes peeled for more limited edition swag and makeup products. You never know exactly what Makeuprevue Cosmetics is going to develop next!

Makeuprevue Lipstick

We’re always on the hunt for vegan lipstick formulas, and we’ve been absolutely bowled over by Makeuprevue’s matte lipstick line. This longwear, lightweight, matte lip color never dries out your perfect pout, thanks to the synthetic beeswax. Apply with the included applicator or your favorite lip brush. When dry, you’ve got the most velvety finish in a flexible long-lasting lipstick. To keep your color flawless, all you need to do is to avoid oil-based foods and products. Dulce de Leche is a gorgeous mauve lipstick that flatters most skin tones. Looking for a purple lipstick that’s perfectly on-trend right now? Check out Kinda Crazy, which is kinda amazing. We recommend exfoliating before use, to ensure that you’ve got a blank canvas.

Makeuprevue Eyeshadow and Highlighter

Using your synthetic eyeshadow brushes, it’s incredibly simple to apply your Makeuprevue highlighter to cupid’s bows, eyebrow arches, or anywhere else you want the light to reflect off. The Loose Highlighter Sol has a gorgeous hue, intended give wearers a stunning golden goddess glow. For a more dramatic, intense pop of shimmer, mix your highlighter with a bit of water. This is mineral makeup at its best and brightest. For an all-over face and body bronzer, try the Loose Highlighter & Bronzer Bonbon Bronze. This two-in-one product swathes skin in a shimmery, luminous glow, and takes your look to the next level! All of Makeuprevue Cosmetics’ products are free of parabens and gluten, and you’ll never ever spot any talc, oil, fragrance, or fillers in their ingredient lists. Everyone should feel confident that their favorite makeup brand is doing everything to keep your skin (and the planet) healthy and happy, and Makeuprevue’s commitment shows in their cosmetics line. When people complain about how hard it is to find super pigmented makeup, it’s obvious that they haven’t tried a Makeuprevue eyeshadow yet. The loose eyeshadow powder that Makeuprevue has perfected over the last few years provides the most intense color that we’ve found – anywhere. We can’t get over the rich peridot green of the Northern Lights-inspired Aurora, or how stunning the purple eyeshadow (aptly named Plum) looks on every skin tone. No matter whether you want a defined lid or a smokey eye makeup look, with a wide variety of eye palette colors, there is definitely something fun and flattering for everyone (and every style).

Glitter Eyeshadow

Just like anyone, we love, pigmented eyeshadow, but the newest makeup trend is glitter eyeshadow. There’s nothing quite like it. All that shimmers isn’t always gold, as is the case with Love Story, a perfectly pink, lightweight glitter. Use the tiniest amount to add allure and glamour to your eyes, cheeks, or body. You’ll find that the best way to apply it is with a sheer application of glitter glue (to prevent uncomfortable fallout) and a flat, synthetic makeup brush. Try the prismatic Star Flash, with rainbow glitter flecks and a silver base.