Why pure, natural skincare is so important at every stage in life became apparent to me as I closely observed the struggles each generation of my family had and still has.

At the age of 28, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was scared and confused. At the same time, I had to undergo an abortion as a consequence of the radiation treatment. Like many other women going through breast cancer, I had fertility concerns. I wanted to have children in the future. Today, I feel blessed because I now have a son and three daughters. I realized how harmful chemicals in cosmetic products are affecting the risk of cancer. My daughters have inspired me to create cleaner and safer certified products with natural and organic ingredients for women of all ages.

My mother’s generation was not properly educated until their late adulthood about skin health and skin damage such as done by environmental pollution, chemicals in products and sunlight exposure because society just did not have the same knowledge we have today.

This is why, today, my mother faces problems with her skin such as age spots quite likely caused by insufficient protection of her skin to environmental conditions.

Two of my four children on the other hand developed severe skin allergies early on in their lives. It became very difficult for me and my husband Stig to find suitable skin care for them, because at that time, clean, organic products rarely existed.

LYKKEGAARD was created to offer a natural yet luxurious skincare line for everyone. Our brand is following very strict standards in regards to ingredients, quality and sustainability to make sure our customers’ trust is well-invested.