Lunaescent Clean Skin Labs



I founded LUNAESCENT - Clean Skin Labs as a minority and majority woman-owned business in Northern California. I fled revolution in my country in my teens (after burning my diary which included all my childhood inventions to avoid discovery by the Thought Police). I came to America, studied hard, became a lawyer, and practiced law in a firm and as a solo practitioner before taking a break from law to get married and raise two children. The COVID pandemic was a wakeup-call that if I wanted to achieve my dream of becoming an inventor, it was now or never. So, during the pandemic, I designed, tested, refined, applied for patent, and manufactured my first product – the LUNAESCENT Touch-Free Skincare Applicator/Universal Beauty Tool.

The LUNAESCENT Touch-Free Applicator/Universal Beauty Tool is a unique device that hygienically and efficiently applies skincare products for beauty, medication, and sun protection without using fingers. By removing fingers from the application process, LUNAESCENT prevents contamination and wastage of expensive skincare products. LUNAESCENT is also a universal beauty tool designed to replace and provide the best of 4 popular devices - Gua Sha, jade roller, facial massager/depuffer, and gentle facial exfoliator - in one modern, reusable, easy-to-maintain/clean, applicator. LUNAESCENT saves users time, money, and counter space.

Each LUNAESCENT Touch-Free Applicator Set comes with an elegant applicator handle in custom colors with a pivoting head, along with two Platinum-grade silicone pads. The smooth pad is ideal for general product application. The textured pad is ideal for massaging and lymphatic drainage/depuffing. The pads are fully removable, washable, reusable, and can be stored in the freezer or microwaved for a cooling or warming massage. LUNAESCENT offers helpful accessories such as a slim profile carry-case so users can apply skincare, sunscreen, or makeup on the go.

I have been personally using this simple but unique beauty tool since its invention. I can honestly share that I would never return to using my fingers to apply skincare/sun-products. Nor will I ever have a need to use other beauty tools for massaging, depuffing, and exfoliating.

Testimonials by my customers show that the same is true for them. I have always personally focused on skincare, but the LUNAESCENT Applicator has elevated my skincare routine. I am now a 58-year-old mother, but routinely get asked for ID in grocery stores. I credit LUNAESCENT with helping my skin look its very best.