Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish and Treatments

Deborah Lippmann understands that clean, polished and healthy nails are always part of a woman’s ensemble. Nobody wants cracking nails and polish. Deborah Lippmann’s Collection of nail lacquers offers a wide variety of eye-popping and enviable colors that are sure to liven up and complete a woman’s wardrobe. From nail care to color, Deborah Lippmann sets have it all.

What sets Deborah Lippmann apart from other brands?

Deborah Lippmann is Hollywood’s most sought after manicurist. She is also a favorite among the most fashionable magazines and world renowned fashion brands. With her extensive experience, her lines of nail polish and nail care treatment are also coveted by many. She has brought her years of experience and knowledge into the creation of her very own Deborah Lippmann nail polish line.

Lippmann’s nail polish collection are vegan and 7-free. Being 7-free, they do not contain these dangerous chemicals: Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide and Andxylene. DBP in particular, can have dangerous effects on your reproductive health and developmental growth. It is also toxic. Formaldehyde is identified as a possible carcinogen. Camphor is the component of nail lacquers that causes nails to yellow and dry out.

Deborah Lippmann’s nail polish collection promises a lovely and smooth texture, and a brilliant coat. Not only are the nail polish colors long-lasting, they also strengthen and nourish your nails. They are quick-drying and you can be sure that your manicure is chip-free for days.

Lippmann’s Collection Gel Lab Pro is the brand’s healthy alternative to gel polish. Its dual-patented formula contains these 10 active ingredients to give you healthy, long-wearing, and shiny nails: Biotin, Keratin, Aucoumea, Rice Protein, Evening Primrose, Green Tea Extract, Bamboo, Nonychosine F, Nylon and Carnauba Wax. It also comes along with the new contour brush, for easier application.

Lippmann nailpolish collection comes in Creme, Glitter, Shimmer and Sheer colors, so every woman is sure to have the nail color of her preference and one that matches her style.

What other products does the Lippmann Collection have?

To complete your Deborah Lippmann hand and nail care experience, Deborah Lippmann created her own cuticle care and moisturizers. The Rich Girl Hand Cream with SPF 25 hydrates your skin and leaves it with a delicate and a feminine scent. It has shea butter, jojoba oils and avocado, and it relieves your skin from chapping and keeps your hands soft and smooth.

A woman’s makeup arsenal is not complete without a lipstick to set the mood. Lippmann Collection Lipsticks are long-wearing and offer a nice coverage. They leave your lips moisturized and feeling soft, light and plump. A Deborah Lippmann lipstick has a gel-like texture, making it easy to apply on your lips and leaves it with a glossy finish.

For the perfect gifts to the women in your life (or to yourself!), you can also get the Deborah Lippmann sets. Lippmann’s Makeup Kits Combination has paired nail polishes with their matching lipsticks, making it easier for you to have a well-coordinated look.

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At Beauty Bridge, we offer you a wide variety of Deborah Lippmann nail polish collections, you are sure to find the nail color of your dreams! Complete your nail care set with Deborah Lippmann’s nail treatment, cuticle care, and hand care products, for that healthy, smooth and soft hands. Amp up your daily look with a Deborah Lippmann lipstick.

Deborah Lippmann products can only be shipped domestically.