Leonor Greyl

As a family business that’s operated for over 50 years, Leonor Greyl hair products are beloved for their commitment to natural ingredients and effective results. Used in prestigious European spas, these shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments are finally available for purchase on the American market, and Beauty Bridge is proud to be among the first to provide them.

Hair Treatments

A perfect combination of omega-6 rich borage oil to stimulate hair production, mimosa bark extract for celebrity-level tresses, and jojoba oil for the deepest level of moisturizing possible, you’ll fall head over heels for the 100% biological Leonor Greyl Régénérescence Naturelle treatment. Excellent for dry scalp and lackluster locks, all you need is 15 minutes once a week to improve hair health. The loss of hair can be extremely traumatic, so stop falling hair at the source with Tonique Vivifiant. In addition to fortifying locks with amino acids and collagen, this incredible product doubles as a styling spray for wow-factor vitality. At your wit’s end with split ends? InStyle magazine recently listed Leonor Greyl Masque Quintessence as their favorite hair mask. This super-hydrating treatment locks in moisture to neutralize damage caused by hair dye, bleach, and heat styling. You won’t find softer hair anywhere!

Leonor Greyl Shampoos and Conditioners

We love Leonor Greyl because it’s a shampoo brand that offers something for every hair type and need. Whether you’re in need of a shampoo for oily hair or a dependable anti-dandruff shampoo? Look no further! Dry hair is one thing, but managing excess oil production is another. The Huile de Germe de Ble shampoo utilizes luxurious ingredients to carefully maintain the scalp’s pH balance and keep limpness and greasiness at bay. There’s no way around it: dandruff is an embarrassing condition caused by a dry, irritated scalp. The soothing ingredients in the Bain Traitant a La Propolis provide therapeutic, anti-bacterial therapies that gently wash while removing the source of itchiness and burning. For thin, limp, and color-treated hair, you’ll love the Bain Vitalisant B shampoo. This formula is packed with hair-healthy botanicals, plant proteins, and vitamins that actually turn back the clock on damage caused by hair dye and excessive bleaching. You don’t need to lose sleep over losing your hair color: Daily use of this sulfate-free shampoo keeps tresses as brilliant and radiant as when you leave the salon. Dry, brittle hair can easily be rescued with Shampooing Reviviscence. An intricate formula that uses quinoa extract to strengthen, hydrolyzed silk for shine, and cactus flower extract to lock in moisture, you’ll instantly recapture manageability. Don’t miss out on the bounce and shine you deserve! Long hair bears the brunt of heat styling and split ends. Finally, a product has been developed that actually works, as evidenced by Shampooing Creme Moelle de Bambou’s instant infusion of bamboo marrow, carrot, and silk proteins. Use this natural shampoo regularly to condition and improve hair health. Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle is a leave-in conditioner that protects thinning hair while boosting bounce and volume. Spray through damp hair and heat style for incredibly long-lasting results. With only three ingredients (protective proteins, seaweed extracts, and collagen), Leonor Greyl has managed to develop natural hair care that actually works! Tired of unmanageable, frizzy flyaways? With the Masque Fleurs de Jasmin conditioner, the amino acid and protein-infused product boosts growth while acting as a detangler. Soft, healthy hair is the perfect way to end your shower and start your day!

Styling Products

Few people are born with naturally voluminous hair. If regular heat styling has taken its toll on your tresses try the Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice. Developed with built-in UV protection and plant extracts (instead of harsh chemicals and alcohol), you’ll love the volume that this mousse provides. Lucky to be born with naturally-curly hair, but experiencing untamable, lifeless locks? Look no further than the Algues Et Fleurs, a treatment that’s been developed especially for you. This leave-in detangler removes the need to use a conditioner, which only serves to weigh down fine hair. Seaweed extracts and collagen have been meticulously combined to restore, reinvigorate, and reshape your curls with ease.

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