le Couvent des Minimes

Le Couvent des Minimes is situated in the south of France, specifically in a 17th century convent begun by Christian botanists, the Friars Couvent des Minimes. They found purpose in studying the effects of the different plants and herbs they planted in the terraced gardens surrounding the convent, and opened a hospice for those less fortunate.

After abandoning the grounds around the time of the French Revolution, the convent was unoccupied until the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary reignited the cultivation of natural and healthful plants. The sisters nourished the stomachs and bodies of those in the Mane region with the powerful qualities their crops possessed.

Since 2014, Le Couvent des Minimes has paid tribute to the traditions and healing properties espoused by the sisters and brothers of the convent. French-grown plants like verbena and shea nuts are incorporated into products that offer rejuvenating and curative elements, like hand lotions, lip balms, and gentle cleansers. Each formula is based on an ancient recipe that embraces the restorative elements of French botany, and these natural skin care products are dermatologically tested.

Body Lotion

The Botanical Recipe of Love Moisturizing Body Lotion softly layers and blends into the skin with its shea butter and petitgrain essential oil, derived from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. Known for its anxiety reducing qualities and ability to absorb oil, this pairs perfectly with orange blossom extract. Massage into skin morning and night for unbelievably soft skin. If you’re seeking a light floral scent in your daily moisturizer, the Botanical Recipe of the Cloister Moisturizing Body Gel-Cream refreshes and soothes with anti-inflammatory rose oil, and locks in moisture with natural glycerin. Take yourself to the south of France with this delicious bouquet!

Hand Cream

With the same scent of orange blossom, the Botanical Recipe of Love Moisturizing Hand Cream also includes Nasturtium, an edible flower that heals with its antimicrobial properties. A perfect pick-me-up in the grey days of winter. For a calming effect, try the Eau Sereine Moisturizing Hand Cream, which relaxes with Provençal lavender and mandarin. Mandarin is one of the best essential oils to alleviate pain, and encouraged for those suffering from carpal tunnel and arthritis. Get glowing, younger-looking skin with the Botanical Recipe of the Minimes Moisturizing Hand Cream. Blood orange essence and rosemary oil revitalize and tone dry hands, while the shea butter locks in moisture. No matter which one you choose, you’ll have chosen the best hand cream. If you’re interested in sampling a range of Le Couvent des Minimes products, be sure to try the Generous Hand Cream Quartet.

Face Moisturizer

The Loving Care Face Cream for Sensitive Skin protects and soothes skin of all ages. Grape seed oil nourishes chapped and flaking skin, while the mallow extract and calendula extract provide an invisible layer of protection from free radicals. This is Le Couvent des Minimes’ best facial moisturizer for sensitive skin. The face cream is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, and has been proven safe for use on ages 3 and up.


Les Couvent des Minimes’ best face cleanser for dry and acne-prone skin is the Loving Care 3-in-1 Micellar Water. The cornflower water and mallow extract soothe and refresh while removing makeup and oil. The delicate formula is gentle enough to use on children, and can be used on the entire family. Simply add a small amount to a cotton pad and swipe across the skin and lips, and follow with your favorite moisturizer. No need for rinsing! Don’t forget to treat the rest of your skin. By using the Botanical Recipe of Love Exfoliating Shower Pulp each morning, you’ll be left with soft, lightly-scented skin throughout the day. Use a cloth, loofah, or hands to apply to wet skin. For a floral scent, try the Botanical Recipe of the Cloister Silky Shower Cream with a rose and berry bouquet. This paraben free skin care lightly cleans and comforts your body each day and happily lingers from morning to evening.

Lip Balm

Kiss dry and chapped lips goodbye with Smile Lip Balm, available in Apple and Pear, Citrus, and Rose and Berries. Chock full of protective apricot oil, hydrating shea butter, and softening mallow extract, you’ll get lasting moisture for days. Be sure to apply before bed for an overnight treatment. The Loving Care Balm for Dry Lips is a Le Couvent des Minimes original recipe that--in addition to shea butter--uses beeswax to leave lips comfortably and naturally hydrated. Perfect for windy and cold days spent outside, you’ll keep this dermatologist-tested formula will be your new favorite item for your pocket, purse, and makeup bag.

Gift Sets

To sample a wider range of Le Couvent des Minimes, try one of their gift sets. The elegant Delicateness Kit offers an entire day of luxuriousness, with its floral-scented shower cream, cologne, and hand cream. The Glowing Collection Full of Love is one of the largest beauty kits from the company, with its hand cream, shower pulp, long-lasting botanical cologne, and soap bar. You’ll experience the luscious scent of orange blossom all day.

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