le Couvent des Minimes

Le Couvent des Minimes products are created by old practices of aroma- and phyto- therapy. Using the natural ingredients extracted from plants in various forms, Le Couvent produces highest quality products that not only benefit skin but also the whole mind. The formulas are continuously improved to prevent harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicones end up in the recipes. Following their philosophy of respecting nature the most environmentally friendly manufacturing and packaging technologies utilized in the creation of simplicity with tradition of Le Couvent des Minimes values.

In 2004, the brand Le Couvent des Minimes was created by L’Occitane group, a specialist of natural cosmetics. Today the natural skincare and well-being recipes of Le Couvent des Minimes pay homage to the long tradition of plant-based care and well-being of the convent of Mane. We are inspired by the story of this unique and multi-centennial place. Each of Le Couvent des Minimes recipes pays tribute to an ancestral tradition from the convents and monasteries, capturing a moment in their life. This tradition is illustrated on our products with ancient engravings.