Lavanila New Arrivals

If you are looking for healthy and effective underarm protection, you deserve no less than Lavanila deodorant. With its carefully-chosen ingredients – all of which have been tried and tested – there is no doubt Lavanila is light years ahead of its competitors. Lavanila is proud to introduce the healthiest deodorant that offers odor protection, skin-smoothing care. These paraben-free deodorants are mixed with pure essential oils and antioxidants, and have been tested clinically and dermatologically. Looking for an aluminum free deodorant that works? You’re in luck! Beauty Bridge has your favorite Lavanila deodorant available in stunning scents like Vanilla Lavender and Vanilla Grapefruit.

Lavanila has recently developed their latest line of underarm protection in the form of aromatherapeutic deodorant. In the The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla + Earth, you’ll find balance from essential oils like patchouli, sandalwood, and their trademark Madagascan vanilla bean. The Vanilla + Water healthy deodorant helps users find their center in a world full of chaos. Long-lasting plant oils from chamomile and jasmine bring you calm, knowing that you have all-day protection from undesirable smells. With the Vanilla + Air deodorant, your creativity will be awakened, thanks to the violet and rose essential oils within. Just like every Lavanila deodorant, these three go on smooth yet work hard, naturally.

We simply adore Lavanila’s natural deodorant products, and their fragrances are certainly no different. Their all-day, ultra light scents are derived from organic sugar cane alcohol, essential oils, and hand-picked antioxidants, and allow you to find balance in a hectic environment. For a floral aura, go with the Vanilla Lavender with its Spanish lavender, rose, and violet leaf oils. Need a boost in your morning routine? Grapefruit is a known energizer, and is blended into Madagascan vanilla, lime, and cedarwood essential oil for a classic yet modern ‘twist’. The “original healthy perfume”, Pure Vanilla, is a fan favorite for its seductive, sweet, and slightly smoky fragrance. You’ll smell absolutely irresistible!

What Makes Lavanila Different from Other Brands?

This non-aluminum deodorant is unlike most products designed for underarm protection, but what does aluminum do exactly? Why are deodorants better off without it? The underarm region contains certain hormone receptors that react to foreign substances that it absorbs – like the aluminum found in most antiperspirants and deodorants. Aluminum prevents your body from sweating. Although more abundant in antiperspirants, deodorants still typically include it in their production. Aluminum is marked as a disruptor of the natural process of the endocrine system, and becomes a factor in the development of diseases such as breast cancer.

LaVanila deodorants also never include parabens. Just like aluminum, paraben is an endocrine-disruptor, imitating the activity and function of estrogen in the body. As estrogen plays a role in the growth of breast cancer cells, parabens may be linked to the development of cancer. This is one of the reasons that make a paraben-free deodorant the best choice.Propylene glycol is a compound often used in deodorants and antiperspirants, which keeps from drying out. It has the potential to accumulate in the bloodstream, where it can mix with other chemicals. Too much propylene glycol in the body allows your skin to absorb foreign substances that can be dangerous to your health. These chemicals disrupt the natural process of certain organ systems in your body. In deodorants, they put a stop on your underarms’ natural tendency to excrete waste through sweat. Perspiration is necessary for the body to eliminate toxins, and having these chemicals in your beauty product can bring you more harm than good.

Lavanila Boasts of Carefully-Chosen Ingredients

With SmartSport technology antioxidants work to soothe, condition, and repair skin. Green tea extract, tea tree oil, lemon peel oil, botanical fragrance blend, and sugar cane alcohol utilize their anti-inflammatory effects and aromatic qualities. Lavanila also uses Beta glucan technology derived from oats, barley, and sugar for odor prevention underarm skin health.

Buy a Lavanila Deodorants and Perfumes at Beauty Bridge

There are thousands of brands which offer deodorants, but the healthiest choice is Lavanila from Beauty Bridge. Ordering your Lavanila products at Beauty Bridge is so easy and you get great discounts by purchasing packages like the 7 Days of Deo Collection and the Cozy Comforts Mini Deodorant Trio.