Jenna Hipp

Jenna Hipp, The Green Celebrity Nail Stylist "nails" just about every celebrity in Hollywood. From Lea Michele to Michelle Williams..Jenna Hipp is deeply passionate about nail color and care and is also committed to developing inspiring products. Jenna became known as the Celebrity Green Nail Stylist™ after experiencing negative side effects from exposure to nail polish fumes on set. Jenna created the 8 Mini Nail Polish Collection: What's Hot Now The New Moderns with this green philosophy in mind using her exclusive “Five Free Formula”. Now you can wear the most current colors of the season and feel good about doing it, just like Jenna’s celebrity clients. Known as the Celebrity Green Nail Stylist for her dedication to healthy hands and nails, and commitment towards creating eco-friendly nail color, Jenna Hipp is now Hollywood's most sought-after nail stylist. As a trendsetter in the beauty industry, when Jenna chooses a new color to use on her celebrity clients, it immediately becomes the “must have” shade to wear.