JAVA Skin Care

JAVA Skin Care is a women-owned and managed firm. We are a rapidly growing INDIE BEAUTY COMPANY, expanding our channels and customers across the country.

JAVA’s journey began in the family-owned coffee house and roasting company of Stephanie Additon, our Founder and CEO. Stephanie’s love and knowledge of coffee stirred in her a desire to research the potential uses of coffee for beauty; a new kind of JAVA was born.

JAVA was created to harness the benefits of organic green coffee, and that has resulted in truly all-natural skin care products. Selling first to the regulars at the coffee shop, and then farmers markets, JAVA is now at high-end boutiques, spas and large retailers.

Our line of all-natural skin care products harnesses the naturally rejuvenating properties of one of nature’s most powerful sources of antioxidants and caffeine. Every ingredient we use is specifically selected to meet our high standard s of purity, efficacy, and sustainability for the environment. Each product is formulated to work with a wide range of skin types. Stephanie has brought together a team of women who are as passionate about healthy, organic skin care and coffee as she is. She still sources the coffee going into JAVA Skin Care from her family-owned and operated coffee shop.

Stephanie was selected RISBJ 2014 Women Entrepreneur and PBN 2015 Women Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as being recognized as an outstanding Rhode Island manufacturer. She lives in Narragansett, Rhode Island with her two daug