Just Everyday Me (J.E.ME) are the three words that are prevalent in each and every individual in this era of selfies and social media where everything is about them. With all the social media content that try to influence you to be something that you’re not, J.E.ME brand encourages you create your own identity.

Our goal is providing affordable luxury for beauty customers who want to improve their skincare regimen.

J.E.ME brand strives to help each individual feel more confident with themselves and to be more proactive with a natural quality skincare routine. We feel that having your own identity is what makes you beautiful.

  • J.E.ME - Pia Peeling+ Device (pink)


    Pia Peeling+ Device (pink)

    • local-sku: NJEM000002S00
    • Brand Product Type: DRSH
    • Cost Margin: 1.2
    • product title: Pia Peeling+ Device (pink)
    • product-type: Skincare Tools