In Your Face Cream

As a former actress, Denice realized that working in front of the camera demanded great skin care. She became even more intrigued about skin and how it ages, when she moved behind the camera as a professional photographer and director and stared at skin all day through her lens and bright lights.

Denice was determined to find out what it was that kept some women’s skin looking dewy and bright while other women - even younger - had skin that was wrinkled, blotchy, and dull-looking.

Surrounded by generations of Sicilian women, Hollywood make-up artists and Beverly Hills dermatologists, Denice started gathering a lot of tips and do-it-yourself solutions. Her interest for understanding what it takes to have great skin peaked and she started making her own facial “elixirs” in her kitchen from crushed herbs, teas, oils, even started fermenting her own fruits!

This never-ending passion resulted in the super charged, toxic-free, botanically rich and nourishing powerhouse that is – IN YOUR FACE CREAM.

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